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[15 Jan 2006|02:21am]


[open to anyone]


"Marilyn!" The old man shouted, trying to hear himself over the hell that was ensuing around him. What the hell did these cons think they were going to accomplish? The only thing that would come of this was a lock-down.

Westmoreland sighed as he pushed his way through the crowd of pissed off cons, dodging the brawls that were going on, searching for his precious cat, Marilyn. She had run off to only God knows where, and Westmoreland had to find her. Before something bad happened.


[tagging anyone] [15 Jan 2006|02:15am]


[ooc: this may suck ass, but i don't wanna see the community die before it even started. forgive the inactiveness and the suckyness... Argh.]


Sucre really didn't like the job Michael had left for him to do. Drilling through 'strategic points' in the face of the Devil? He didn't want to admit it, but it scared the hell out of him.

Blinking against the sweat that poured into his eyes, the Puerto Rican began to drill steadily into the wall, repeating a prayer in a low voice, determined to keep his concentration on his work. The Lord only knew what chaos he was missing back in his cell.


[06 Dec 2005|05:58pm]

Licking his lips T-bag smirked at the PO on the ground before he kicked him. His boot made contact with the officers stomach forcing the man to curl into a ball. Squatting down next to him he grabbed his round face in his hands and forced him to look him in the eye.

"You look so damn scared. Are you scared?"

The officer shook his head in agreement and T-bag let go, causing his head to smack into the hard ground with a thud.They ain't so tough when they ain't got no weapons. Bunch of teddy bears. He though to himself while he picked through the mans pockets. His hand fumbled over the keys and T-Bag smiled. This was no ordinary smile, if you looked at him one would think you were looking upon the devil himself.

Standing up he let out a whistle and caught the attention of the men around him. Twirling the ring of keys round his finger he laughed.

"Let's have some fun boys!"

((Open to anyone who wants to cause a little trouble!!Sorry it took so long))
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Welcome to Gen Pop [01 Dec 2005|09:16am]

[ mood | calm ]

From a quiet, solo pad in the psych ward, to this animal house? Ain’t that just a kick in the–

“Hello kitty.”

Rod’s thoughts on his first day in Gen Pop were pushed aside for a brief second as a cat crossed his path. He cocked a curious eyebrow as the feline bolted off and out of sight.

“Goodbye kitty...”

The place really WAS an animal house? Who knew? Shrugging that odd moment off quickly he turned his attention back to the chaos that was playing out before him. Nothing said ‘welcome to the block’ like a good, old fashion riot, and these boys really pulled out all the stops on this one here. He sidestepped a few paces as an inmate stumbled into his path and landed on the floor in a sloppy head. Barely phased, he continued on, walking the length of the cell block calmly, his hands buried deep in his pockets while all hell broke loose.

Most of the action had been concentrated at the front of the block, in the guards command center. A few guys managed to rattle free the flimsy gated partition between the two areas, making way for a virtual free-for-all. Normally, that space would hold five or six COs comfortably, tops by the looks of it, but at present time it seemed to be stacked ten or twelve deep and all inside the cramped confines looked like kids in a candy store. Rod was just waiting for the “candy store’s” owner to show up with guns and teargas to go around. Idiots. Rod was no stranger to pointless chaos, he may have even thrived on it once upon a time, but this was just stupid. Sure, it was fun now, but the boys in blue would pick their stones up off the ground eventually and handle business. After that? A lock-down that would go on for hades knows how long. Hopefully the Pope was in a good mood and had a sense of humor about him today.

Following the flow of traffic with no sense of real urgency in his step, Rod casually trailed the thundering stampede of over excited inmates.

Slow and steady..., he thought to himself with a slight smirk. The ones at the front of the pack would just serve as human shields to those in the back if the guards did make a move, and Rod refused to have his first day in Gen Pop be his last.

Maybe this place wasn’t all THAT bad. He could even learn to like it. A new roomie, a riot...some random ass cat, and all on the first day. What other surprises did this place have in store for him? He’d find out, sooner or later. Time reveals all, and time was something this particular inmate had plenty of left on his bill.

((*dies from 3rd person-ness* GAWD that sucked XD))


... [22 Nov 2005|07:04pm]

[ mood | cold ]

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